The University of Cape Town (UCT) is recognised globally as a leading institution in Development Studies. The UCT programmes in the field of development are meant to equip students to address developmental challenges in South Africa and across the global south. In this website the programmes are organised according to their home faculty.

UCT supports interdisciplinary study. Students are encouraged to search through the list of programmes (regardless of the student's academic background) and select whichever programme that interests them and then find out if they meet the entry requirements or not. An important objective of this website is to provide a centralised source of information on these opportunities. Students are therefore encouraged to look at all the programmes if possible (regardless of the student's academic background), find the ones they are interested in, see if they meet the entry requirements and then apply for them.

For example the Master of Philosophy in Development Policy and Practice [CM033DPP01] is listed under Commerce (its home faculty) but only requires that a student holds an honours degree to enrol for it. Many such opportunities exist in different faculties and students are encouraged to look for them.

Please note that meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance into a programme.

The links to the programmes are found in the faculty blocks below.